If you have been searching the internet far and wide for information about a trendy new designer breed of dog called a Pomsky, then I need you to do the following:

  1. Sit Down!
  2. Shut up!
  3. Read this entire website!

Okay, okay!  You are probably already sitting down. Hell, you may be driving right now for all I know.  And odds are, you probably do not read out loud to yourself while surfing the internet for sites filled with awesomeness…like this one.

So…let’s just skip to Step #3!

You need to read this entire website.  I promise to make it worth your while. Besides, I am writing all of this stuff for you to keep you from getting scammed.

Okay…so what is this all about you might be asking.  It is simple.  When someone first told me about Pomskies, I started researching it.  I am the kind of guy that all my friends go to and ask me to give them the straight dope on things.  They trust me and you should trust me on this, too.

Besides, I am a good looking dude, with irrepressible wit and charm coming out my wazzoo! If any dudes just read that last line…please ignore it. Kind of like when a judge tells a jury to magically pretend they didn’t hear what the attorneys just said.  But I digress…

I am going to get serious now.  Why should you listen to what I have to say?

I have a problem with charlatans and dishonest people operating insincerely.  And there is a lot of that when it comes to the subject of pomskies, pomsky breeders and those trying to sell pomsky puppies. Buyer beware!

And it is silly to spend thousands of dollars on a mutt that you aren’t even sure is the actual mutt that you are paying for when you can rescue dogs that look similar from the pound with a little patience.  There are husky mixes all the time up for adoption.

Further, almost all the websites discussing the vaunted Pomsky on the internet are scams or just plainly inaccurate and unhelpful.  I don’t think they all are, but many are and I want to alert you to the facts that I have uncovered.  I am a research-a-holic and subject to frequent bouts of “paralysis-by-analysis.”

Sucks to be me – but this is good news for you since you get to enjoy the fruits of my labor and self-flagellation.

I plan to shine a spotlight on some websites and maybe even provide a place for people to comment on their experiences with pomsky breeders.  I searched “pomsky puppies for sale” in Google and found some alarming commentary.  Not sure what else I will put on this site.

Honestly…I haven’t quite thought this thing all the way through.  I plan to have a blog of some sort, but do not plan to post daily. I mean…how much can a person say about pomskies before they get bored…you know?

So, I will do my best to keep you entertained .

“Are you not entertained?!”

-Maximus Decimus Meridius


Used with Permission Granted by PomskyHQ.com